Challenge of the Week #29

Prose has given a new challenge to its site members. It reads:

Prose Challenge of the Week #29: Write a piece of micropoetry consisting entirely of onomatopoeia/alliteration on humanity or inhumanity. The winner will be chosen based on a number of criteria, this includes: fire, form, and creative edge. Number of reads, bookmarks, and shares will also be taken into consideration. The winner will receive $100. When sharing to Twitter, please use the hashtag #ProseChallenge

7-30 words

My Entry


Here are some of the comments I received:


Some great lines – “Break the belligerent bonds”.

And apparently I inspired someone, because they added this beautiful piece of poetry:

An Upward stroll on a dark summer’s eve, there’s that feeling in the air that everything is going to be alright She glances around, wondering if anyone else feels what she’s experiencing, we both know who it is, what a wonder that feeling that you get. Freedom is truly found in his name.


What do you think of my entry? Write in the comments below.


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