Aurora is a (work-in-progress) science fiction novel based in the future (with an alternate story line in the past) about a girl named Aurora Spencer. As a child she was taken in by her parent’s best friend after they were mysteriously murdered.

Now that she is a teenager, she, along with her best friend Lucille, is trying to uncover the secrets of her past. Some out of this world. She finds that being aware of them is unlocking abilities within her that she will need to use to stop the corruption the world is headed towards.

Will she find out who she really is? Can she save the world from destruction?


Here’s what some people had to say about it…

This is so captivating!

Let’s keep this up! I’m interested to see where we go next.


I solely enjoyed this!


Geez! That horrifying. My goodness!

This is getting intense!

Every piece is so engrossing and engaging. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!

Read the first 12 chapters for FREE here.



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