13048260_1759598317616755_8138057299579435446_o    About Brittney Sowards

Brittney Sowards is an aspiring author from West Virginia who is currently working on a Sci-Fi novel called “Aurora” and a poetry collection called “Love Notes & Lullabies”.

She is also a writer on the website www.mytrendingstories.com

At this website you can find the books she has written and updates from her latest work.


I have always loved to read and write. As a child I kept a huge folder packed full of stories that I wrote. I loved reading the Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, and Nancy Drew series, and they were the inspiration to some of the stories I wrote as a child. In high school I read the entire Fearless series by Francine Pascal and they quickly became my favorite. I love how brave and tough the main character, Gaia Moore, is. She’s definitely one of my favorite characters.

I love to write, because I love to create. I can sit in one spot and make up new people in new worlds and write stories about them. It’s also a way to channel my creative energy. It’s important for me to stay creative and imaginative. It keeps me feeling young, intelligent, and alive.

My favorite genre to write is Science Fiction, because I love stories about space and magic. I also write poetry and children’s books.

Brittney Sowards was born in Point Pleasant, West Virginia on September 5, 1990. She currently lives in the small, rural community of Sandyville, West Virginia. She is married to Evan Sowards and has three boys: Trenton, Parker, and Odin. She studies Early Childhood Development at West Virginia University at Parkersburg and homeschools her children. She is a Tinkergarten leader where she leads outdoor early childhood education classes in her community. She is also a small business owner of the online retail store Sapphire Meadow.

I like to stay busy and feel accomplished. I have so many little projects that I work on. I do everything to avoid a 9-5 job, be my own boss, and stay home with my children.

Besides reading and writing, I love to spend time with my family, travel, and be in nature. We live in a rural community with some short trails behind our house that are fun to explore. We have vegetable and flower gardens. I love seeing the deer, squirrels, and rabbits that show up in our yard. We have three dogs: 2 female black labs named Chloe and Lena and a male golden retriever-mix named Sunny.


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